"Im fine I just…."

"I miss Allison…."

RP Ask Meme (Fall Out Boy Song Lyrics) Part 2:


"Sometimes I just want to know what it’s like to be you."
"We’re making out inside crashed cars."
"I used to waste my time dreaming of being alive, now I only waste it dreaming of you."
"I’ve got headaches and bad luck."
"It can’t get much worse."
"We’re falling apart."
"Am I more than you bargained for yet?"
"I’ve been dying to tell you anything you want to hear."
"We’re the kids who feel like dead ends."
"And the poets are just kids who didn’t make it."
"Please put the doctor on the phone because I’m not making any sense."
"Blame everyone but me for this mess."
"I’m hopelessly hopeful, that you’re just hopeless enough."
"I’m sleeping my way out of this one."
"I’m not the desperate type."
"I’m sitting out dances on the wall."
"Cause I don’t do too well on my own."
"I just need a stronger dose."
"Are we growing up or just going down?"
"Cause I swear I’d burn this city down to show you the light."
"We’re the best boys."
"No matter what they say, don’t believe a word."
"And I need to take a pill to make this town feel okay."
"I keep you warm and won’t ask you where you’ve been."
"And we’re friends, yeah we’re friends."
"We only do it for the scars and stories, not the fame."
"At least everyone is trying."
"I found the cure to growing older."
"Just so you know, you’ll never know."
"And you’re the only place that feels like home."
"Douse yourself in cheap perfume."
"Find a safe place."
"They call kids like us vicious and carved out of stone."
" I am missing you to death."
"I confess, I messed up."
"Hey kid you’ll never live this down."
"You’re just the girl all the boys want to dance with."
"I’m just the boy who’s had too many chances."
"I’m sleeping on your folk’s porch again."
"Why don’t you just drop dead?"
"I don’t blame you for being you."
"So say what are you waiting for?"
"Kiss her."
“‘Cause darling, what did you expect?”
"We never stood a chance."
"If you are the shores, I am the waves begging for big moons."
"I know this hurts, it was meant to."
"Your secret’s out and the best part is it isn’t even a good one."
"I used to obsess over living."
"Now I only obsess over you."
"From day one I talked about getting out."
"My mouth moves too fast for you to figure it out."
"What did it ever do for me?"
"Love never wanted me."
"I hoped you choked and crashed your car."
"I will break his jaw."
"No, don’t turn out like me."
"This story’s getting old."
"I got your love letters."
"I got your love letters…and sent them back."
"It’s true romance is dead."
"If you wanna go down in history then I’m your prince."
"I’m casually obsessed and I’ve forgiven death."
"I’m every cliche."
"I found the safest place to keep all our old mistakes."
"I can take your problems away with a nod and a wave."
"The only thing I haven’t done yet is die."
"And it’s me and my plus one at the afterlife."
"Baby, seasons change but people don’t."
"But don’t pretend you ever forgot about me."
"Wouldn’t you rather be a widow than a divorcee?"
"We don’t fight fair."
"They say your head can be a prison."
"That’s just the business I’m in."
"I wrote the gospel on giving up."
"We’re the new face of failure."
"It’s all a game of this or that."
"I could write it better than you ever felt it."
"I thought I loved you."
"I thought I loved you but it was just how you looked in the light."
"My words are my faith to hell with our good name."
"I love you in the same way."
"Who does he think he is?"
"Thanks for the memories."
"See, he tastes like you only sweeter."
"Get me out of my mind and get you out of those clothes."
"A penny for your thoughts but a dollar for your insights."
"They say quitters never win."
"I’m a stitch away from making it."
"We might’ve said goodbyes just a little soon."
"Take two years and call me when you’re better."
"I wrote a goodbye note in lipstick on your arm."
"Best friends."
"I’m a salesman, I’m selling you hooks and plans."
"I’m alright in bed but I’m better with a pen."
"Clear your throat and face the world."
"Take one for the team."
"I’m so sorry, but not really."
"The truth hurts worse than anything I could bring myself to do to you."
"Do you remember the way I held your hand?"
"I’ve loved everything about you that hurts."
"Let me see your moves."
"Things aren’t the same anymore."
"Some nights it gets so bad that I almost pick up the phone."
"It’s a strange way of saying that I know I’m supposed to love you."
"I’ve already given up on myself twice."
"Third time is the charm."
"I speak fast and I’m not gonna repeat myself, no."
"When I said that I’d return to you I meant more like a relapse."

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Fall Out Boy Sentence Starters

Pick one of these and put it in my ask for a quick and easy starter.

"Id never say no to you"

"Where is your boy tonight"

"You were the last good thing about this part of town"

"Im still trying, and that’s more than I could say for him."

"Do you need him? I could be him…"

"Im going nowhere fast"

"Im good to go, but it looks like Im still on my own."

"Dont mind me, Im watching you two from the closet."

"Am I more than you bargained for?"

"Thats just who I am this week."

"Im just a notch in your bedpost."

"Isn’t it messed up, how Im just dying to be him?"

"Misery loves me."

"I dont want to forget how your voice sounds."

"Why dont you show me a little bit of spark you’ve been saving for his mattress?"

"I dont blame you, for being you, but you can’t blame me for hating it."

"I confess. I messed up."

"You’ll never live this down."

"Youre just the girl all the boys want to dance with and Im just the boy using too many chances."

"I know Im always late."

"Give up on me, cause darling what did you expect?"

"Thanks for the memories."

"Who does he think he is?"

"Let the good times roll."


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i miss nowolfpowers and leaderxfthepack


           { The scream stops him in an instant and 

              he cradles his ears in his hands. He spins
              around to look over at the girl and winces
              at the piercing sounds. }


{She runs over to him and grabs his hand in hers
 Making sure he cant run from her.}

"Where are you going in such a hurry? Or who are you trying to get away from?"